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Steel, Fusion 360, Blender

Voron-Ai is the culmination and combination of past, present, and future technologies. 


Voron-Ai through its sleek, clean, and uniform design demonstrates the power of Artificial intelligence and the beauty of symmetry. In addition, a connection between mathematics and nature, using Voronoi as a starting point but abstracting it through the technological intervention of AI, showing the importance of human creativity in the process of creation 


As technology advances, there is much confusion and fear surrounding the role AI may play in the future, however, Voron-Ai aims to provide comfort, providing the insight that no matter how powerful technology is, it will always require human input or intervention to create work that is meaningful and worthwhile. 


Famous mathematicians have found that algorithms are embedded in all parts of nature. As such these patterns have often been used to predict natural events such as the formation of leaves and branches on a tree (fractals) and the way cells may grow (Voronoi). These same algorithms found and used in the natural world are also being utilised to create complex algorithms and artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence was used in an almost cyclical way within Voron-Ai to generate a Voronoi pattern which is cast across the room and walls of which the light is fitted. 


The form is crafted through the use of both computer-aided machining techniques as well as handcrafting and finishing, finally applying a clear gloss varnish onto sand-blasted steel, trapping and preserving the steel from the processes of time. 


Thus, through the use of past, present, and future techniques a deep-rooted connection and dependence between these stages of time is explored, ultimately making the user question their role and connection to nature.

I used Fusion 360 to create technical drawings.

This allowed me to specify the size of sheet steel and calculate the overall weight of the piece when completed.

Having a process journal was essential to the overall development of Voron-ai, It allowed me to quickly sketch out ideas and work out best practices as well as document my work as I went.

I fell in love with these patterns, pioneering the blend of AI, 3D printing and Plasma cutting to create the unique form.

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