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Flower Garden



Ceramic, Fusion 360, 3D printed

Ever since I was young I have believed in the idea of fate, that the paths we live are preordained.  As such it's important we choose to do what makes us happy. Flowers, I feel always make people happy.


In the eyes of a human, it's almost their sole role. To cheer up a sick person, to be given to your lover as a celebration or surprise, or even to reconcile a relationship. Interestingly, mathematical patterns such as the Fibonacci sequence can be seen all the way through Nature.


The most famous example is how branches and leaves grow off trees. Coming back to the idea of fate, when I think about the mathematical nature of our world I can't help but feel it has been planned out, as much like math there is only one answer but many paths to get there.


My works are inspired by these ideas, Symmetrical floral designs that are contrasted against the geometric bodies of my pots and plates. Unusual silverware, that acts more like ornate objects than utensils them selfs playing into the flower's role to be seen but never used.


These pieces when combined form a floral garden, showcasing the beauty in nature but also in geometry. I wish the user of my pieces to feel a sense of happiness when they use my pieces, a sense of discovery, and the ability to choose how the pieces can be used. 

Technical drawings were made in Fusion 360, it was my first time making these drawings and using this mode in Fusion. 

After completing my studies there is a lot I would do differently, but overall it was an invaluable experience for me.

A select few images from my process journal, follow the process of taking a drawing to a 3D model to a 3D print, and finally a casted ceramic item.

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