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Finn Shepherd is a dynamic 3D designer based in Sydney, Australia. He is known for his ability to merge the natural and digital within his work, ultimately with the aim to design a better world.


Graduating with distinction in Integrated Design (3D & Object) and a minor in Industrial Design from the University of New South Wales, Finn's academic excellence laid the foundation for his extraordinary journey. Co-founding Belfi, a pioneering 3D printing homeware company in Australia, Finn's innovative designs have propelled Belfi to the forefront of the industry. His outstanding contributions were further recognised with a shortlisting for the IDEA (Interior Design Excellence Awards) 2023, finalist for Waverlys Best and Brightest Business Award 2023 and Australia's next top Designer 2024 as well as being selected for Pinterest predictions in 2024, solidifying his status as a trailblazer in design and innovation.


Finn Shepherd's commitment to pushing the boundaries of design and technology invites you to join him on a captivating journey of bringing designs to life.

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